HPC center members


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan

Professor, Department Chair

Research Interests

Reactor Engineering; Transport-Kinetic Integration; Advanced Measurement and Computational Techniques

Joseph Smith

Professor, Laufer Endowed Energy Chair

Research Interests

Hybrid energy systems, Fuels combustion and gasification, Industrial gas flare design, operation, and regulation, Process modeling, monitoring, control, and operation


Richard Dawes

Adjunct Professor

Research Interests
  • Physical chemistry
  • Theoretical spectroscopy
  • Molecular dynamics
Rainer Glaser

Professor and Department Chair

Research Interests
  • Rubisco biomimetics for CO2 capture from air
  • Ferrolelectrical materials for nonlinear optics
  • Oscillating chemical reactions: Video-based kinetic analysis and simulation by dynamic methods
  • Layer models of enzyme activity
Garry Grubbs

Associate Professor

Research Interests
  • Physical chemistry
  • Advanced microwave spectroscopy
  • Materials chemistry
Gary Long

Professor Emeritus

Research Interests
  1. The study of the electronic, magnetic, and Mössbauer spectral properties of magnetically coupled transition metal complexes at ambient and high pressure.
  2. Mössbauer spectroscopy of iron, tin, antimony, and europium organometallic compounds.
  3. Mössbauer-effect and x-ray absorption spectroscopic and neutron and x-ray diffraction studies of transition metal complexes, hard permanent magnetic materials, nano-structured materials, and thermoelectric materials.
Vadym Mochalin

Associate Professor, Joint Appointment in Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering

Research Interests
  • Materials for extreme environments
  • Energy
  • Biomedicine

Civil Engineering

Guirong Yan

Associate Professor

Research Interests
  • Computational wind engineering (CFD simulations of different wind fields, such as tornadoes and hurricanes)
  • Improvement of tornado risk awareness through virtual reality animation, social science and behavior finance
  • Wind hazard mitigation to achieve resilient communities and cities by improving design codes and reinforcing strategies
  • Structural health monitoring and condition assessment (Linear/Nonlinear system identification and damage detection under multi-hazard environments)



Computer Science

Sajal Das

Professor and Daniel St. Clair Endowed Chair

Research Interests
  • Cyber-Physical Systems, IoT and UAVs 
  • Mobile and Pervasive Computing 
  • Wireless and Sensor Networks  
  • Mobile Crowdsensing 
  • Edge, Cloud, and Parallel Computing 
  • Cyber-Physical Security 
  • Smart Environments (Smart City, Energy, Mobility, Health, Agriculture) 
  • Data Science and Machine Learning 
  • Computational Systems Biology 
  • Applied Graph Theory and Game Theory  
Tony Luo

Associate Professor

Research Interests
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity
Sanjay Madria

Curators Distinguished Professor

Research Interests
  • Mobile data management
  • Cloud computing
  • Cyber security
  • Wireless computing
  • Data analytics

Electrical and Computing Engineering

Donald Wunsch

Mary K. Finley Missouri Distinguished Professor of Computer Engineering

Research Interests
  • lustering or unsupervised learning
  • Adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) or reinforcement learning
  • Neural networks hardware and applications

Engineering Management

Jinling Liu

Assistant Professor

Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

Jeremy Maurer

Assistant Professor, Geological Engineering

Research Interests
  • Geodesy
  • Crustal deformation
  • Fault mechanics
  • Natural hazards
  • Geostatistics
  • Earthquakes
Andreas Eckert

Associate Professor, Petroleum Engineering

Research Interests
  • Numerical simulation of buckle folding
  • Numerical simulation of rock fabric evolution
  • Fracture initiation
  • Salt tectonics
  • Deformation bands
  • Wellbore and reservoir geomechanics
Stephen Gao

Curators' Distinguished Teaching Professor, Geology and Geophysics

Research Interests

Dr. Gao's research emphasizes the combination of geology, physics, mathematics, and computer science to explore the Earth. We image the structure of the Earth's deep interior using elastic waves produced by earthquakes, and study the distribution of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in space and time.

Kelly Liu

Professor, Geology and Geophysics

Research Interests

I am a geophysicist  with a teaching and research interest in both exploration geophysics and solid-earth geophysics. My expertise includes 3-D seismic data interpretation, digital signal processing, computational and observational seismology, seismic hazard mitigation, and layered structure detection in the earth's mantle.

Weibing Gong

Assistant Professor, Geological Engineering

Research interests

climate change-related and seismic hazards, infrastructure resilience against natural hazards, applications of remote sensing and AI in geological (geotechnical) engineering, and carbon detection and capture.


Information Technology

Mark Bookout

Director of Information Technology

Research Interests

Holding a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Park College, he has more than 25 years of experience in software development, systems administration, technical instruction, computer aided instruction design, product development, development and support team operations, project and program management, and strategic development. Mark currently serves as the director for Research Support Services at Missouri S&T, a directorate within the IT organization.

Buddy Scharfenberg

Systems Administrator


Keeping the cluster alive for everyone to use!

Materials Science and Engineering

Arezoo Emdadi

Assistant Professor

Research Interests
  • Computational mechanics/material science
  • Phase-field modeling (crack propagation, solidification, oxidation, material microstructure)
  • Phase-field crystal modeling of solidification
  • Computational modeling of ceramics processing
  • Finite element analysis
  • Fracture mechanics
  • ICME
Yijia Gu

Assistant Professor

Research Interests
  • Computational Materials
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials
  • Process-Structure-Property-Performance Relationship

Mathematics and Statistics

Xiaoming He

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Interface problems, computational fluid dynamics, computational electromagnetics, stochastic PDEs, boundary integral equations, feedback control

Finite element methods, domain decomposition methods, extrapolations

Computational plasma physics (Particle-In-Cell method)

John Singler


Research Interests

My general research areas are applied mathematics, scientific computing, and numerical analysis. I am particularly interested in reduced order modeling of partial differential equations (PDEs), computational feedback control of PDEs, and applications in control theory, engineering, and mathematics.

Gayla Olbricht

Assistant Professor

Research Interests
  • Genomics, epigenomics, and bioinformatics
  • Modeling sleep in Drosophila melanogaster (funded by NIH/NIGMS)
  • Modeling heterogeneity in autism spectrum disorder
Qingguo Hong

Assistant Profesor

Research Interests

Numerical analysis and mathematical foundation of machine learning and its applications to numerical partial differential equations (PDEs), data fitting, and image classification.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Serhat Hosder


Research Interests

Aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics, uncertainty quantification, hypersonic flows and systems, computational fluid dynamics, planetary entry/descent/landing of spacecraft, multidisciplinary analysis and design of aerospace vehicles, robust design, numerical methods.

Jonghyun Park

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

 Advanced li-ion battery, beyond li-ion battery, energy storage system, renewable energy system, grid energy storage, nano, macro-mechanics of materials, self-assembly of nanoparticles, nanostructure, multiphysics, multiscale experiment and simulation.

Daoru Han

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

 Plasma aerospace applications; Space propulsion; Plasma-material interactions; Plasma physics and rarefied gas dynamics; High-performance computing.

Kelly Homan

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and thermodynamics of energy systems. Heat and mass transfer in buoyant flows, second-law and exergy analysis, numerical simulation of transport phenomena and experimental methods.

K Chandrashekhara

Curators Distinguished Professor

Research Interests
  • Composite materials
  • Smart structures
  • Nanocomposites
  • Biocomposites
  • Structural dynamics
  • Finite element analysis
  • Damage monitoring
  • Composite manufacturing and experimental characterization

Nuclear Engineering

Joshua Schlegel

Associate Professor

Research Interests
  • Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics
  • Bubble Hydrodynamics
  • Interfacial Forces
  • Multiphase Flow Modeling
  • Experiments in Multiphase Dynamics


Thomas Vojta


Research Interests
  • Quantum field theory
  • Classical and nonequilibrium phase transitions
  • Critical behavior
  • Magnetism and superconductivity in correlated quantum materials
  • Transport in disordered media
  • Renormalization group
  • Monte-Carlo simulations
Alexey Yamilov

Associate Professor

Research Interests
  • Wave Diffusion in Confined Geometries
  • Localization Phenomena
  • Coherent Control of Wave Transport
  • Imaging in Turbid Media
  • Lasing in Complex Photonic Media
  • Metamaterials
Julia Medvedeva


Research Interests
  • Transparent conducting oxides
    • Composition and defect formation
  • Amorphous oxide semiconductors
    • Crystallization, transport and flexibility
  • Thermoelectric and topological materials
    • Spin-orbital coupling and superconductivity
  • Advanced steels
    • Alloying, fracture, and deformation
  • Dilute magnetic wide-bandgap semiconductors
    • Multilayers, digital alloys, interface engineering
  • Magnetoresistivity in strongly-correlated oxides
    • Spin, charge, orbital degrees of freedom