News from the HPC

Dr. Wu was chosen to receive a NSF Career Award

Congratulations to Dr. Chenglin Wu who received a 2021 NSF Career award for his project with 2-dimensional metals. Dr. Wu is part of a team within the HPC Center working to improve computer chips, sensors, and coatings.

Significant NSF grant expands HPC center

The campus high-performance computing (HPC) cluster has been expanded thanks to a nearly $2 million NSF grant. This grant is the result of an initiative led by Dr. Thomas Voijta, Dr. Stephen Gao, Dr. Julia E. Medvedeva, and Dr. Serhat Hosder. The HPC cluster expansion, named The Foundry, will increase the existing computing power currently available to campus researchers tenfold. This NSF grant will allow for the expansion of HPC resources on campus to increase research capabilities which will attract Ph.D. candidates in computational sciences and world-class faculty researchers. 

HPC Center members developing first-of-its-kind software

Dr. Sajal Das is working on developing new approaches for updating dynamic networks. This research is part of a collaborative effort on an NSF-funded project, named CANDY, that will help build the cyberinfrastructure tools necessary for future individuals to come up with their own solutions for dynamic networks.